An Uber Driver’s “Menu” Gives You Different Ride Options: Talkative, Silent, “Therapy,” and More

 Do you like your Uber driver to just be quiet and leave you alone?  Or do you prefer a little conversation?

Well, a 38-year-old Uber driver in Seattle named George Ure has started giving his passengers some options by handing out MENUS when they get in his car.

There are five different types of rides you can pick from.  The first one is called “Stand-Up,” where he’ll tell jokes and funny stories about his poor life choices . . . including his time in jail.  (Wow, bold choice to disclose that up front.)

He also offers a “Silent Ride,” where he won’t bother you at all . . . and a “Therapy Ride,” where you get to vent and talk about all the stuff that’s stressing you out.

The two other options on the menu are supposed to be jokes.  But I guarantee he’ll have people who request them.

One is “The Creepy Ride,” where he doesn’t say anything, but keeps staring at you in his rearview mirror.  And the other one is “The Rude Ride,” where he just tries to be as rude as possible. 


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