Bars and restaurants in Florida are choosing to close down again… just a week after opening


Multiple bars in northern and central Florida have now announced their closures because of a new wave of Covid-19 cases which peaked on Sunday.

These bars where not ordered to shut down they are doing so because of the large outbreaks in side their establishments. One Bar posted ““Our establishment has become aware of positive tests for COVID-19 and have visited our business. We will be closed the next few days to sanitize the bar and send our staff to get tested.”

They weren’t alone, another bar Lynch’s Irish Pub, also closed this weekend after 15 people contracted Covid-19 during a party at their pub. The owners of Lynch’s Irish Pub told the local news outlet that since the bar reopened on June 5, 49 employees have been tested and seven tested positive for Covid-19 .

Other bars in the area are going to continue being open with stricter self imposed rules.

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