Coastal Hotels defy local orders and book out rooms to visitors from the valley

Last week local health officials in San Luis obispo made it clear they did not want vistors from anywhere coming to the central coast. They even passed local ordinance’s that limited hotel capacity to 50%. The order also states that hotels and lodging facilities should not book rooms for leisure or recreation visits. Rooms are only to be booked for essential workers, individuals with the virus who need to isolate from family and people who are traveling there to care for a vulnerable relative. But definitely not for vacations from Kern county.

That didn’t stop many from booking out rooms to people in desperate need of a vacation. One local woman wrote on facebook “I’m so glad I was able to get away. The beaches aren’t that busy and I really needed this vacation.” others wrote “Finally at the beach with all of my friends! There are 8 of us in one room and we are going to party tonight!”

It was clear to many that all you needed to get a room on the coast was money. What isn’t clear is the repercussions of these actions. Will the hotels be fined? Well there be an increase of COVID-19 cases? We will know the answers to that in the next two weeks.

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