December Canned Food and Toy Drive

This month we are doing things a little different! Due to us having to move last minute from the original barn due to circumstance, and the weather, we will be doing a canned food and toy drive Sunday December 15th from 10am-3pm. This is NOT a normal Open Barn, we will resume those the beginning of 2020, but is still FREE.

We really want to raise canned food and toys for the families who are less fortunate, and let the focus be on that! We will still have food available for purchase, still have live music, still have all your favorite animals for you to love on and new ones for you to meet, BUT this is about the community and us helping those who need it the most!

Parking is on the street, and please be respectful of peoples driveways.

For this Open Barn, and for those who like to bring ASIAB donations, we really REALLY need horse feed donated. That is always a HUGE expense for us, about $1000 a week, and every bag of grain, bail of hay makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things at the barn!

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