Disney Won’t Sell You a Ride Photo If You Aren’t Wearing a Mask

 Disney World came up with a creative way to enforce their mask policy:  They won’t sell you your RIDE PHOTO if you aren’t wearing a mask.

A P.R. person for Disney confirmed this new rule yesterday, but added that they always had a policy of, quote, “suppressing photos if someone is doing something unsafe on the ride.”

And during the pandemic, not wearing a mask is considered hazardous to others, and so they say it’s consistent with their policy.

Of course, Disney World being open in the first place is potentially hazardous . . .

According to CBS News, Florida just set a new record for the largest number of cases in a single day since the start of the outbreak.  On Sunday, the state reported 15,299 in a 24-hour period . . . more than the previous record of 11,571 cases.

Fox News says Disney World has also opened several designated spaces throughout its parks where visitors can remove their masks.  They’re called  “relaxation zones,” and the people in them still have to social-distance.

But some critics call that “ridiculous and irresponsible.”

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