Growing concern today over how the coronavirus spreads.


Growing concern today over how the coronavirus spreads as students start heading back to the classroom. A new study shows COVID-19 lingers longer in the air longer than originally though and it suggests staying six feet apart may not be enough – especially in buildings with poor ventilation. This as school districts across the country struggle on a safe plan to reopen. Cases in the US now top five million. The virus has killed more than 164,000.

College football fans are holding out hope today that there will be games to watch come fall. The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences won’t play because of concerns about COVID-19. The decisions take two of college football’s five power conferences out of a crumbling season amid the pandemic. The Big Ten’s announcement that it was postponing all fall sports and hoping to make them up in the second semester came first. An hour later, the Pac-12 called a news conference to say that all sports in its conference would be paused until Jan. 1, including basketball. The Atlantic Coast Conference, Big 12 and Southeastern Conference are still moving forward with plans to conduct a football season.

Health and Human Service Secretary Alex Azar has redoubled accusations that China failed to adequately warn of the coronavirus after it was first detected in Wuhan. Skepticism is greeting Russia’s announcement that it has developed and registered the first successful vaccine against COVID-19. But the Russians insist it’s the real deal. Today, Auckland, New Zealand, the nation’s largest city, will be moved to Alert Level 3 after the country’s first reported cases in over 100 days.

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