Kern River Valley residents ask, “How come people at the lake don’t where a mask in town or at the lakes?”


Local Kern River Valley residents were mad and sounded off on Facebook on the Kern River Valley News & Community Info page.

One resident said ” Because they are inconsiderate and selfish. They don’t live here so don’t care that we are a large retirement community with older folks. They believe it can’t affect them not realizing or caring about others. Use your brains people, people are dying daily. We have been lucky it hasn’t been bad here YET.”

Another person responded “masks were designed for doctors to wear when in close proximity to a known infected person, then immediately discarded to not further transmit an infectious disease to the public. Wearing it all day would be dangerous to the doctor, and any person in public they come in contact with. Now assume every person wearing a mask touching everything after every public transaction, they infect themselves by transmitting any virus to a moist environment with perfect incubation temperatures, exhaled through the mouth. Common sense is lacking in this situation.”

What do you think? Should we all be wearing masks?

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