Local restaurant donates 1,000 surgical masks to Adventist Health Bakersfield! Local is what matters!

After receiving a break on April rent from their landlords, the owners of Umi Sushi & Sake were inspired to pay it forward by donating 1,000 surgical masks to Adventist Health Bakersfield!!! What an awesome thing to do!

Co-owners Charlie Han and Peter Yuzon presented the masks in the hospital’s parking lot to Sharlet Briggs, the hospital’s president! They stood apart from each other but still shared smiles.

“You guys are making a difference for our employees. My heart goes out to you,” she said. “With a lot of businesses in town having to shut down, you guys are stepping up.”

The Bakersfield Japanese restaurant is still open for business, as it currently offers delivery service and pick-up options. Yuzon credited the local community and all it’s done to support their restaurant since it opened in 2017. They were so inspired they said…

“It was time to give back,”

Throughout the donation she reiterated the importance of maintaining social distance and said she had been working from home in an effort to stem the local spread of COVID-19 and encouraged other to do so as well.

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