Mike Myers is set to star in a new half-hour comedy series for Netflix, in which he’ll play multiple characters. How cool is this! He will be a six-episode limited series that Myers is producing alongside Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me producer John Lyons and The Gong Show producer Jason Weinberg. Details about the title or the plot of the series were not made available. So we have no idea if its a comedy or not… I hope so! The Netflix series will be his first scripted show telling a continuous narrative.

This will be one of Myers’ only film or television roles this past decade; after a long absence, he took center stage in 2017 with The Gong Show, but hosted this game show revival entirely in character as a fictional comedian named Tommy Maitland. He wore prosthetics in every episode, and ABC did not even publicly admit that Myers was, in fact, Maitland until later on…Because that’s not crazy!

Myers also recently had a small role in the Oscar-winning Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody… He’ll be back on the big screen as the main star in a planned fourth Austin Powers movie. I hope its Grrr baby very Grrr!

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