Missing 5 year old girl in a teal jumpsuit, last seen near the lake Isabella Dam was found after help from the community.


Multiple residents of the Kern River Valley community came out to help find a missing 5 year old girl today. She went missing last night at 2am… She was camping with her family when they noticed her missing. Locals are reporting on Facebook page KERN RIVER VALLEY News & Community Info. “a personal boat like the person was out fishing and saw her out wandering around and picked her up she had the same bathing suit on one of the men’s jacket to keep her warm but the boat was being taxied in by the lake patrol”.

Another person posted “our sheriffs and highway patrol all need to be thanked not complaining about them because they’ve been there since 3 o’clock this morning skimming the lake walking the lake walking around town all trying to find this little girl”

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