STAY HOME! Holiday weekend trips to the coast discouraged…

That’s what one county on the Central Coast is trying to tell potential visitors from Bakersfield and Kern County about the upcoming holiday weekend.

“It’s not that we want to keep people from coming here it’s that we want to discourage tourism in general. We want to keep (COVID-19) incidence rates low,” said Michelle Shoresman, a spokeswoman for San Luis Obispo County. That message was not recived well by local Bakersfield Resident Danny Hill that said “Fine I’ll go to the Bakersfield Beach…Lake Isabella!”

To that end, San Luis Obispo county health officials last week passed an order that limits hotel occupancy rates to 50 percent… So even if you wanted to go you won’t be able to find a place to stay…

The order also states that hotels and lodging facilities should not book rooms for leisure or recreation visits. Rooms are only to be booked for essential workers, individuals with the virus who need to isolate from family and people who are traveling there to care for a vulnerable relative. But definitely not for vacations from Kern county.

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