The Aviator Casino‎ Meet Your Next Ex! Speed Dating Event For Single’s Awareness Day

-You Must be 21+ to participate

-We encourage you to choose a nickname you would like on the name tag we’ll provide you for the event (for anonymity purposes, and to prevent confusion when participants share the same name )

-Tables will be numbered, and everyone’s first date will be at the table that corresponds with the number they draw.

-Anyone can register, regardless of sexual orientation, we just have to have enough participants in your particular category in order for you to be able to participate.

-Conversation topics will be given at the beginning of each 5 minute date to help participants break the ice a little bit. Males will then move to the table on their right, and females remain seated throughout. If you registered as a gay male or female, the person who sat down at the table first will be the person who stays seated throughout.

-After each date, participants mark on a card (which will be provided) whether they would have an interest in meeting their date again. If a mutual interest is noted, the organizers (with the participant’s permission) will let participants know who they matched with, and the participants can move forward how they wish.

-Inappropriate, crude, or demeaning remarks or questions are strictly prohibited.


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