The Mayor’s Ball

Join us for the First Annual Mayor’s Ball!

This inaugural black-tie gala will benefit CityServe, a local nonprofit organization that engages community leaders with churches of all denominations across Bakersfield, and connects them with people and families who are hurting and facing extreme hardships.

CityServe believes the local church is a trusted resource that can meet hurting people where they are, fulfill their tangible needs and give them hope through relationships. It is through long-lasting relationships that the broken can learn how to navigate through difficult life circumstances and radical change their lives. Whether it be with food or furniture, meals or microwaves, the organization’s mission is to meet their physical needs, get families back on their feet and guide them toward a life of hope.

CityServe opened in Bakersfield in 2017 and relies on the generosity of giant retailers like Costco who provide furnishings, clothing, household items, and non-perishables that are then sorted and delivered through neighborhood churches. Last year alone, CityServe, which occupies the former Montgomery Ward department store at F Street and Golden State Avenue downtown, brought in, then sent out $10 million in product to families in transition while operating on a $247,000 annual budget.

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