The Top Five Ways Americans Waste Time . . . and Sitting in Traffic Is #4

There’s a new survey out on American reading habits, and most of the stats are pretty boring.  But here’s a good one . . .

The average American now spends two hours a day reading . . . but only if you count the stuff we read online.

In other words, reading “Pride and Prejudice” counts as reading . . . but so does scrolling through Wikipedia to find out Brendan Fraser has a brother named Kevin.  (???)

The best part of the study was buried near the bottom:  2,000 people were asked to name the top ways they WASTE time.  And you might be doing #4 right now . . .

1.  Scrolling through social media.  49% of people said they waste a significant amount of time doing it.

2.  Using apps or games on your phone or tablet, 30%.

3.  Watching TV, 29%.

4.  Sitting in traffic, 28%.

5.  Constantly checking your phone, 26%. 


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