Trash stacking up near the damn in Lake Isabella


A woman on Kern River Valley News & Community Info posted this today. “At the lake near new entrance to dam camping. I was down here twice this week picking up trash and this is still overflowing. 90% of the trash left by campers gets to the dumpster as well as the birds and wind. Forest Service needs to get the company they pay to empty these bins more often than once in a while especially during this summer, tourist season. Either pay for more days or get more bins please.”

Another woman responded “I’ve re-bagged and re-distributed trash piled in front of this particular dumpster more often than I care to remember. We have camp hosts now, who will hopefully be able to impress upon FS more forcefully than I that these dumpsters need to be serviced more often”

Others blamed the campers “We live in this valley and camp at the lake and we even take our trash home with us. Pack it in pack it out.”

What do you think should be done?

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