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The 500 Rep Challenge is back! Save the date for December 3rd and join us for a great cause and an awesome workout. This is not your average 5k run. Our event will have 10 exercise stations like burpees, push-ups, jump squats, sit ups, etc. along the 5k distance. There are exercise coaches at each station to encourage you while giving modifications so that all levels of fitness can participate. Kids and pets are welcome! In fact, we love to see the entire family come out and participate.
The entry for each individual is a new jacket or outerwear item that will be donated to the Bakersfield Homeless Center. Most of these items will go to the Jamison Center in Bakersfield. The children that pass through this amazing center of help need basic items like new jackets and outerwear. We hope to see big numbers show up for an awesome workout and lots of new jackets and outerwear items to be donated.
This event will be held at Yokuts Park. Registration will begin at 7 AM-9 AM and then we’ll begin a group warm-up for the run!
Come out and get an awesome workout in while donating to an amazing cause!
There are plenty of places to look for items to donate! Some examples include;
Big 5
We made it easy to shop for these items on our website. Copy the link below and click the links to these stores. We selected prices for jackets from $5 to $25. Your average 5 k would be in this price range. We do not accept money. We just want new kids jackets. or click the link in our bio for more info!

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