A Couple Was Caught When Drugs Fell Out of the Woman’s Fake Pregnancy Belly

When two criminals need to “get their stories straight” that can also include a PREGNANCY DUE DATE.



A man and a woman in South Carolina were recently pulled over.  They were acting nervous, and told the cops that the woman was pregnant.



The deputies asked about the due date . . . and apparently, the couple gave “conflicting” responses.  As it turns out, the woman was NOT pregnant, and was just wearing a fake rubber belly.



The woman thought the cops were suspicious, so she MADE A RUN FOR IT.  But in the process, a bunch of drugs fell from the fake belly.  So in a way, she gave birth to over 1,500 grams of cocaine.  (That’s a bit over three pounds.)



They were both arrested and charged with drug trafficking.



(ABC News)



(Here’s a photo of the fake pregnancy belly.)

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