A Mom Installed Doorbells Inside Her House, So She Doesn’t Have to Yell for Her Kids at Dinnertime

Have you ever struggled to get your kids to come for dinner and thought, “Maybe I should ring the doorbell”?  Probably not . . . kids don’t care about answering the door.  But THIS woman found a way to make it work.



A mom with four kids says she does NOT like screaming for them to come out of their rooms, so she bought four doorbells, and installed them INSIDE her house . . . with four buttons in the kitchen, and a “bell” in each child’s room.



You might have seen these . . . they aren’t the classic, obnoxious doorbells, they’re wireless, with a modern look.  There’s a battery-operated transmitter, which you can stick to the inside of a cupboard, and a receiver that you plug into an outlet.



She did a TikTok video where she demonstrated how it works . . . the kids to come down whenever they hear their chime, whether it be for dinner or for school in the morning.



She said she bought them for $15 each on Amazon, but there are actually a lot of options . . . ranging from $10 apiece up to more than $50.



(Here’s her TikTok video.  Of course, once the kids start ignoring these doorbells, she’ll be forced to install interior FOGHORNS in each of their rooms.)

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