Busch Light Is Giving Away “Bush Lights” for the Holidays

This is brilliant and stupid at the same time:  The makers of Busch Light are giving away “BUSH Lights” for the holidays . . . spelled B-U-S-H.



They’re Christmas lights shaped like beer cans.  But instead of hanging them on your tree, they’re meant to go on your bushes outside.  (Here’s a photo.)



Each set has a string of 150 flashing beer cans.  And there’s a speaker that plays Busch Light’s old jingle from the ’80s called “Head for the Mountains”.



They claim each set is worth $150, but you can’t buy them.  You have to WIN them, and they’re only giving away 14 sets over the next two weeks.



You have to reply to one of their posts about it on social media, explain why you deserve to win, and include the hashtags “sweepstakes” and “LettersToStLouis.”



If you’re old-school, you can also write them an actual letter, and send it to their headquarters in Missouri.



(Food & Wine)



(Here’s a video they posted.)

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