Divorces Rates Have Skyrocketed in the U.S. Since Quarantine Began

It’s probably not the healthiest thing for a married couple to spend every single minute of every single day stuck indoors together.

According to new data from a legal services company, divorce rates have skyrocketed in the U.S. since the quarantine started.  Check this out . . .

1.  The number of people looking for divorces was 34% higher from March through June this year than it was during that period last year.

2.  Divorces jumped 57% from February 13th to April 13th of this year.

3.  The newer the marriage is, the more it’s in trouble.  Out of the couples filing for divorce during the pandemic, 20% were newlyweds who got married earlier in 2020.  9% got married in 2019, 9% in 2018, 7% in 2017, and 7% in 2016.

4.  People in the South were two to three times more likely to look into divorce than people anywhere else in the country. 

(Daily Mail)

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