Most Americans Don’t Wear Shoes Inside Their Home

There are two types of homes:  The ones where people wear shoes inside for comfort . . . convenience . . . and to reduce the clutter by doors.  And the ones where people DON’T wear shoes inside . . . because it’s gross.



In a new poll, 63% of Americans say they take their shoes off inside, while 37% DO wear shoes inside.



But 76% are not willing to ask their guests to remove their shoes . . . including 67% of the group who don’t wear shoes inside themselves.



It isn’t THAT imposing though.  90% of people think that it’s a “reasonable request” since it’s YOUR home.  10% think it’s unreasonable.



In the poll, it seems like the shoes-off thing is more common among younger adults.  44% of Gen Z say they’ll ask guests to remove their shoes . . . 35% of Millennials agree, as do 13% of Gen X and 7% of Boomers.



(CBS News)

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