Outlaw 103.7 Line-up

Ag Information Network 5am-7am 

Bakersfield’s only Ag news morning show!

This program focuses on the Tree Nut producers needs and issues who care for two million acres of Nut Orchards which represent an annual revenue stream of over $8 billion to the California farm economy.  This program is hosted by Patrick Cavanaugh the most respected Agribusiness journalist in California.

This program gives Russell Nemetz the freedom to cover stories important to a segment of the population that lives outside the city limits. Russell Nemetz speaks to those who grow crops for animal feed, and those involved with animal husbandry. Livestock relies on good land, healthy forage and a clean, plentiful supply of water, all topics Russell discusses in his report.

This program is a market intelligence report. Farmers and ranchers can get the numbers anywhere, what they truly want is information that tells them what moved the numbers and any special information that will give them a hint as to where the market is headed. M att Rice, graduate of the University of Idaho.

Focused on keeping local farmers, ranchers, agribusiness men, and women up to date on agriculture industry issues that affect each state’s rural economy. Corryn La Rue is an agriculture reporter and 6th generation California farmer.

In its 35th year, this award-winning program keeps farmers, ranchers and agri-business professionals informed. This program focuses on the cutting-edge issues of farming. Advances in technology farming with GPS and satellite imagery technology, use of drones and advancements in infield communications, Crop and Soil Sciences, new crop varieties, changes in tillage, new soil treatment options in addition to farm human interest stories.

This news program gets cutting edge science, technology, corporate mergers and innovative farming activities out to today’s ag community. In addition the ag economy relies on breaking news on farm regulations and political announcements, information important to keeping our producers ahead of the game not only locally but on the world stage.

Tim Hammerich hosts this show which explores the new ideas behind progressive farming and brings the trendsetters and their companies’ ideas to the airwaves.  Technology and innovative science are shaping the future of agribusiness. If you are curious about novelties in AgTech, rural entrepreneurship, agricultural sustainability, and food security, this is the show for you!

Gnarley Charley  7am-Noon

It’s what you’ve wanted from a morning show. A Group of friends talking about life and the world around us. No politics. No foul humor. Gnarley keeps you connected to what’s happening in the world, Gina & Mark keeps him in line. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always light-hearted and positive, and you wont find a better playlist.

If your morning radio is filled with non-stop talk and music that isn’t country, join Gnarley Country Morning show on Outlaw Country 103.7 from 7am-Noon

All of the great 90’s country music you remember played just for you! One full hour of all the best Country music.

Danny & Kait 3pm-7pm

Danny & Kait in the morning is a Husband and Wife family friendly topical show. Danny is a Stand up comedian and Kait is a mother of five adorable children. So the combination of both creates an exciting adult conversation show! They take your phone calls and discuss all of the trending topics plus local & National news that has everyone talking. From what you missed on the late night talk shows to viral videos on line. Danny & Kait are sure to entertain and make your day more fun. They are also a CBS News Affiliate.

Danny Dutton 7pm-mid

Local charities events and local news. DJ Danny Dutton is the greatest 7-midnight DJ on country radio!