Things people do that make you “silently Judge” them.

There’s another list going around of things that people “secretly judge” others for doing.  Here are some of the best ones:



1.  “Vague-posting” on social media.  That’s where you post something like a hospital wristband . . . but don’t explain it, and just say something like, “Well, that was crazy!”  Then, everyone comments asking what happened.


2.  Giving a sentimental gift to someone and then recording their emotional response.  Even if you have permission to post it, it makes it feel less genuine . . . and more exploitative.


3.  Not washing your hands in a public restroom, especially at work.


4.  Using corporate jargon in a casual setting.


5.  People who cry in front of the camera, and post it on social media.


6.  People who cut in line.


7.  Not cleaning up after your dog.




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